The bed is the most valuable equipment in the bedroom. This is the place where people rest or recharge their body energy, after a busy day. Therefore, it is very impotent to have a comfortable bed well made. However, when referring to the beds designed for the heavy people, you should be careful about the frame. Cheap and ordinary bed frames are not long lasting. Typically, the issue is not the mattress but the bed frame. They normally collapse after some time. But these bed frames for heavy people won’t break anytime soon.



Some of the best bed frames


Zinus 14 inch smart base

This is the best bed frame for overweight people, which you could ever have in your bedroom. It is also good for people who have large bodies. The product is very easy to fold and can be shipped to your destination easily.


The incredible thing is that the frame can hold up to 2400 lbs. This makes it suitable for people with high body weight and obese couples. Typically, the made is made of steel, which is hard-wearing and long-lasting. The mattress is well supported. The Zinus smart base has been discussed as the best bed for heavy people. Below are some of the amazing features it has:


  • Quite bed frame; generally, with all metal beds, they are prone to make all sort of noises and squeaks, when you move from one point to another. However, with the Zinus smart base frame, the case is different. According to the way it is designed, you are guaranteed quite nights. You will not hear these noises regardless of how you move during the nights.


  • Best for all mattresses; No matter the type of mattress you sleep on; you can still use it on Zinus smart base. This means that you do not need to have another bed frame according to your mattress. Therefore, the mattress is recommended for any type of mattress.


Potential storage

Majority of people prefer using the space under their bed to keep items out of sight. This is a good idea for storage. If you have a small room, any other extra space for storage is an advantage. Therefore, consider buying beds that are having a high elevation from the floor.


Portability and assembly


Assembling a bed can be a challenge if poorly constructed. You should consider having a bed, which will take less time to put it together. The worst case is when you purchase a bed frame, which you cannot construct alone. Therefore, it is very important to consider how easy you can construct the bed frame, before buying.



Finally, choosing a bed frame for heavy people can be a challenge. This is because there are many manufacturers. You can consider consulting your friends or family members. It is also important to buy a bed frame that you can afford and maintain. Additionally, you can read the reviews of some customers and you will be guided on the best in the market.