Since inception, every member of the Madhouse Munchies team has expressed a continuing interest in committing resources to supporting the organizations and efforts intended to assist children in the United States who are hungry. These efforts to donate available resources began with our company’s founding in 1996 and reflected in the hundreds of local product and food donations which have been given to schools, foodbanks and charitable causes which have directly benefited and supported children.

As our company grows within our Vermont community and beyond to numerous East Coast communities, we remain committed to the development of an effective platform which will allow us to assist in the fight against children’s hunger in the US.

Chip-In for Hungry Kids™ is a narrowly-defined, thorough and creatively devised platform which allows the grassroots Madhouse customer to be a part of our commitment. Financial support is directed to the communities within which we sell our products and the consumer is invited to cast a vote in helping to determine the recipient cause and organization for these funds.

Our new Madhouse bags which now feature the tag “Chip-In for Hungry Kids™. Visit our website to learn more at” Regisitered participants in the program will be rewarded for their involvement!

For Feeding The Homeless Charity and Feed Hungry Kids Charity. Click Here.