Company: Founder Jim Ehlen, fried from the financial markets, goes canola, heads for Vermont...and the Madhouse brand is born!

Sea Salted (Plain)Sea Salt (Plain)

Buy NowA bright, flavorful potato cooked to crispy perfection in our light canola oil, finished with a touch of sea salt. Natural perfection. Unmatched flavor.
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Sea Salted (Plain)Mesquite BBQ

Buy NowFire-Sweet bliss... a natural sweet-tomato base and an array of zesty Southwest BBQ spices: Mesquite, Hickory, Paprika and other spices combine to create a truly mischievous treat.
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Sea Salted (Plain)Sea Salt & Vinegar

Buy NowNatural Vinegar and Sea Salt combine to create a chip with unforgettably tangy flavor. Not for the weak-hearted chip eaters.
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Sea Salted (Plain)Creamy French Onion

Buy NowOur hearty kettle chip topped with creamy French onion, chives and a dash of garlic. Perfect for plunging into your favorite dip!
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Sea Salted (Plain)Premium Stone-Ground Tortilla Chips

Buy NowPremium quarter cut blue organic and white corn tortilla chips are brought to life by all natural stone-ground corn masa. Big chips with big flavor.