The Perfect Balance of Flavor and Nutrition

FUN – Simple – Healthy

Hand-Cooked Gourmet Kettle Potato Chips

We cook our chips in 100% High Mono-Unsaturated Canola Oil : No Exceptions!

We never ever say “one or more of the following oils,” Ever!

  • No Trans-Fats
  • No Hydrogenated Oils – Ever
  • Zero Cholesterol

Madhouse Chips are

Low in Saturated Fat

Only 0.5g Saturated Fat per Serving

  • 66% Less Sat Fat than “40% Reduced Fat” Cape Cod ® = 1.5g
  • 80% Less Saturated Fat than Regular Cape Cod® = 2.5g
  • 83% Less Saturated Fat than Regular Lay’s® = 3g
  • 50% Less Saturated Fat than Regular Kettle Chips® = 1g

*above information collected from store purchased potato chip products on 8/1/2004

100% All Natural Micro-Recipes

Nothing Artificial : No MSG : No Preservatives

No Peanut Oil / No Cottonseed Oil, Never Ever!

For Feeding The Homeless Charity and Feed Hungry Kids Charity. Click Here.

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